About Inkello

Vintage Press at Inkello Studio

Inkello® is the work of illustrator and designer Christine M. Schneider. Her handmade items are created using a vintage letterpress, combining interesting colors, textures and materials with unique ideas. They are lovingly printed in small editions, and individually assembled. Sometimes Christy also prints using gocco and silkscreen methods.

Handprinted Paper Goods

To print calendars, stationery, business cards and other letterpress goods, Christy uses a J.M. Jones Lightning Jobber, circa 1897, which is operated with a foot treadle and a beautiful, big flywheel. "Blue" weighs in around a hefty 850 pounds, but runs smooth as silk. Christy also prints on a Craftsmen Machinery Co. 6" x 10" table top press with a hand lever from the 1950s. Both letterpresses are entirely person-powered — no motors!


Christy printing business cards in Inkello studio

Type is either set by hand, using old-fashioned individual metal letters from a growing collection of different fonts and sizes, or it's custom-created digitally and then output in the form of a metal die. Each ink color is another run through the press, meaning the piece of paper has to be inserted and pressed each time a different color is added. One greeting card or business card may run through the press five or six times before it's complete.

Small Business Based in Kansas

Christy is a fourth-generation letterpress printer, picking up bits and pieces of the trade during childhood in her grandfather's letterpress shop in Denver, Colorado. She is also a children's illustrator/author, and a graphic designer. You can see more of her work at her Yellow Pencil Studio, Inc. website. She lives and works in beautiful Lawrence, Kansas with her husband and daughter.


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